Introducing Vietnam Weddings

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Vietnam Weddings are here!

For the first time in Australia and New Zealand, the team at Wedding Destinations are providing a fully featured Destination Wedding Planning service for Vietnam. 

 So…. Lets have a look at what Vietnam has got on offer?

Why chose a Vietnam Wedding?

For both Australian’s and New Zealanders, Vietnam is conveniently located and easily accessible.  Most major airports host a choice of airlines, offering scheduled flights to and from Vietnam at great prices.

Seeing as Vietnam is located east of Thailand and just North of Malaysia, flight times are favourable and the climate is always warm.

So as far as location goes, Vietnam Weddings immediately tick the top boxes.

The Vietnam Tourism boom

Over the past couple of decades, we have all witnessed the tourism boom of Thailand, Indonesia and even Malaysia. But while Vietnam was always open to tourists, it’s lack of creature comforts and facilities, reserved travel in Vietnam for the adventurous Back-Packer.

Oh but how times have changed!

While we all looking the other way, Vietnam has been developing and seemingly overnight has brought itself forward as a serious alternative to Bali and Thailand. You can almost imagine Vietnam exclaiming, “whatever they can do, we can do better”.  And just one look at the mind-blowing resorts and hotels that have quietly appeared, you might be inclined to agree.

How much is a Vietnam Wedding?

If over the years you have taken holidays across South East Asia, you would have noticed how prices have steadily increased. Basic economics shows that as a country develops, so does the cost of pretty much everything.  Obviously, that is not a bad thing, but for the tourist or Destination bride, planning an event is not as cheap as it used to be.

Of course, Thailand or Bali still offer way more bang for your buck than a wedding at home, but we are paying more today.

Bring in Vietnam!  As a newly developed country Vietnam is seriously competitive. Shopping, transport, accommodation and of course weddings compare with the prices offered elsewhere, more than 10 years ago. But it doesn't end there.

What does a Wedding Vietnam style look like?Intercontinental Danang Wedding Venue5

With the facilities now available in Vietnam, the sky is literally the limit when it comes to styling a wedding in Vietnam. In fact, there so many5 Star Luxury Resorts and Hotels panning for your business, every possible Wedding scenario can be catered for.

Additionally many Vietnamese wedding venues have their own private beaches, chapels and luscious green lawns on which to hold your ceremony. Restaurants and dedicated event Halls await wedding parties of up to 600 guests. Like Thailand and Bali, the options are prety much endless.

The Wedding Destinations connection

If you have been considering a destination wedding, you have probably browsed the pages of our website. In doing so, you would know that our 15 years in business have awarded us some close relationships with many of the best wedding venues in the world.  As our partners have established their hotels and resorts in Vietnam, it is only natural that we join with them in this amazing new location.

What to do in Vietnam

Unknown to many of us Vietnam has many attractions, that make it a real jewel in the crown of South East Asia. Much like it’s neighbours, the country is steeped in Buddhist culture and temples. But what makes Vietnam truly unique is it’s French connection. Up until 1945, Vietnam was a colony of France and the remains of this era are almost everywhere.

In stark contrast to the rest of Asia, historic French Architecture can be found all over Vietnam. And get this. If you love a Bagel or freshly baked Breads and Toasts, you might have just discovered your personal paradise.  French Patisseries are very much in abundance across Vietnam, offering an alternative to the more Asian Cuisines also popular across the country.

Therefore, if you are foodie, Vietnam gets a tick and if you like to visit interesting new places, it gets yet another big tick.

However, if like many of us though, you just want to relax in the sun, by the beach, with a cold beverage by your side, you can go ahead and give that box a great big tick as well.

Wedding Planners Top Tips for a Vietnam Wedding

As a new comer to tourism in general, Vietnam offers incredible value for money with facilities to rival anywhere in the world. Planning a wedding in Vietnam however, could prove challenging without the aid of a planner who knows the territory.

As with any Destination Wedding, communication is often a stumbling block met by many-a-DIY bride. With Vietnam being relatively new to Destination Weddings, it is critical that professionals coordinate the process. 

Wedding Destinations are partnered with International Resorts and Wedding Professionals in the region. Our combined knowledge of South East Asia and Destination Weddings, places us uniquely to offer a viable Wedding option in Vietnam, with all the safe guards expected from our other destinations.

Wedding Legalities in Vietnam are not straight forward, so we do suggest couple do the paperwork at home and conduct the ceremony and reception in Vietnam only. Best advice is to talk to your planner as it should not be a problem and is quite common globally.

Where to start planning a wedding in Vietnam?

Wedding Destinations currently provide wedding locations in Da Nang and Hoi An. Over the coming months we will be securing other venues, as and when they meet our strict criteria.

We invite all brides to browse our Vietnam Wedding pages and if in doubt, please touch base with one of our Destination Wedding Planners to find out more.




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