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Where in the world is Fiji!?

One of the world’s favorite getaways Fiji, is situated among the South Pacific Islands further out from the east coast of Australia. Fiji is made up of hundreds of islands situated around the main larger island of Viti Levu, this is where most resorts are located. Smaller groups of islands include the Yassawa’s, Mamanucas and Kadavu groups.

People & Culture

About 840,000 locals live here, from the traditional Fijians to the Indian shop owners, every one is made to feel welcome in Fiji. It’s almost exhausting the amount of times you will say Bula!

A relaxed island feel to Fiji really sums up her reputation, everything will be run on Fiji Time! In other words (late)!

But be warned, there’s an infectious motion that has swept through Fiji and cannot be dampened - Smiling!! If every smile you gave and received was worth $1, you would be a millionaire by the time you returned home.


Most Fijians are quite religious and will attend the many churches around Fiji on Sundays. The Hindu culture is quite large with a huge chunk of the population being of Indian decent.

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Getting Around Fiji

Of course the easiest way to locate yourself between islands is by boat or charter. Many companies have set up inter island transfers, making your journey easier between islands. There are many taxis and are frequent in major areas of Fiji and generally inexpensive. (to be assured of a certain rate, negotiate your fare before your taxi departs).

Seaplanes are another good way of getting around, and at the same time seeing the magnificent beauty of the islands. There are water taxi’s that operate the same way taxis do here, but by boat; these get pretty expensive, so your best bet is to just book a scheduled transfer from here.

I can’t survive without my Hair Straightener!

Power points and plugs are the same as ours

To be honest, ladies there is not much point in taking the hair straightener, the weather is humid and the air somewhat thick, you hair will be a frizz ball again by mid morning! If you cant live without your Ipod and such you have the outlets to charge your electronics and laptops etc.

Duty Free

250 grams of tobacco or 200 cigarettes, alcohol maximum is 2.25 litres for spirits and liquors, or 4.5 litres of wine, champagne, port or vermouth.

Legal Information

Overseas visitors wishing to be married in Fiji you are required to obtain a marriage license of their choice from the nearest marriage registry and present the following documents:

  • Original or certified copy of birth certificates
  • Passport
  • Decree Absolute documents if divorce;
  • Death certificate if spouse died.
  • Confirmatory letter on current marital status to be obtain from marriage registry where the applicant resides or statutory declaration signed by a Justice of Peace or Notary Public or Solicitor to prove that he/she has not entered into a marriage before (this declaration applies to first or second marriage.
  • Consent of the father if under the age of 18 years or mother if father is deceased. Valid marriages ages in Fiji are 16 years and above for female and 18 years and above for male.
  • Name of two witnesses who are 21 years of age or over.

Couples are required to be in Fiji for 3 working days prior to the wedding day. Legal requirements are slightly different for Catholic weddings. Information will be required upon request basis.

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