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Vietnam Weddings

The secret is finally out and Vietnam Weddings have become a popular destination to say "I do".

Not so long ago, a Destination Wedding in Vietnam would have been a very rare occasion. Even tourism has been slightly slower to evolve than it's popular neighbours like Thailand and Malaysia.

But those days are gone and Vietnam today, is a vibrant tourism magnet, with so much to offer, it will make your head spin.

How much will a Wedding Vietnam Style cost?

Like any wedding, a Wedding in Vietnam can be as cheap or expensive as you choose. It is a fact however, that Vietnam is one of the most affordable wedding destinations on the planet right now.

Indeed, 'bang for the buck' Vietnam is unrivalled by it's competitors in Bali and Thailand. What's more, the level of style and luxury is in no way less than you would expect in either of its rival countries.

Why Marry in Vietnam?

Much like Thailand or Bali, Vietnam is easily accessible to Australians and New Zealanders. It is located between Thailand and Indonesia and enjoys a warm climate and stacks of culture. Historically, Vietnam holds several jewels in it's crown, which make the destination unique in many ways.

Vietnam Beach Weddings

Across much of Asia, beach weddings are popular. However, they are not always as easy to secure as one might hope. In Vietnam, many of the restrictions that apply to wedding events on beaches, do not exists.

The French Connection

In 1945 declared it's independence from France, but today the French influence can be found around every corner. Architecture will often have that French flair and you will find a surprising influence in much of the cuisine. Believe it or not, French Bread and Bagels are extremely common in Vietnam, which comes as quite a shock to first time visitors.

Affordable Vietnam Weddings

As previously mentioned, A wedding in Vietnam represents unbeatable value for money. In Vietnam you will not need to sacrifice any of the trimmings to stay within budget. Furthermore, the level of quality and luxury are comparable to those of their rivals across the water.


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Your Vietnam Wedding Planner

As always, the Team at Wedding Destinations are a brides first choice when finding a Vietnam Wedding Planner.

We will only work with tried and tested providers and wedding venues in Vietnam, to ensure your big day goes without a hitch.